Building Safety

The General Services Complex building administration would appreciate everyone's help in keeping our building safe. Our concerns are for the well being of all building occupants and visitors. Please take notice of all posted signage. Have a safe day!

Building Safety Contacts

    Steve Smith (Facilities Manager)
        Phone:  (979) 862-6533

Parking Lot Safety

In an effort to reduce accidents we ask all persons to be cautious when using the parking lot. Be aware of blind spots for drivers and always use our crosswalks. When proceeding into a crosswalk always check the adjacent road for traffic. A general rule of thumb is to expect that the driver will not stop at short distances for pedestrians. Drivers should be aware of the posted speed limit. They are located close to each driveway entrance to the GSC. Drivers should be ready to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks as they have the right of way. Due to the growing issue of speeding and non-compliance of yielding to pedestrians we have asked the University Police Department to monitor our roads. Be aware that UPD will be present from time to time.

Weather Advisories

Click here to view KBTX's current advisories, warnings, and weather related safety practices. You can find posts of heat related weather on the "Latest from the Weather Team" section.

Safety Information

    Evacuation Plan (Contact Steve Smith)
    Floor Proctor Lists (PDF)
    Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures 
    Severe Weather


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